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Israel Updates & Information

HOW is staying apprised of the evolving situations in Israel, on our different campuses and in the Westchester community.  Check back regularly for updates.

A Message from Rachel Klein, Executive Director:

I regularly remind students that one of my favorite aspects of Judaism is the commandment of self-care: Shabbat.  And, that no matter what is happening in their lives or the world, Shabbat will come; the clockwork reminder embedded in our Jewish DNA to pause. 
To breathe. 
To reflect. 
To be grateful. 
To be together.  
This week, we have seen hope and communal support on campus.  We have also seen disappointing levels of intolerance, celebration of massacre of Jews in the name of “revolution,” and Jewish students fearful of public mourning, lest they be harassed by fellow students.  
I leave behind this week:
I carry with me into this Shabbat:
Pride in our students for comforting one another and speaking out against hate and terrorism.
Gratitude for our staff, campus safety and administrations who have spoken out and ensured a safe environment for every student.
Trust that our administrations will continue to use their voices to foster tolerance on campus.
Humility for the outpouring of support.
Memory for the lives unnecessarily lost.
Strength drawn from my eternal family of Israel.
And hatikvah.  I carry with me hope instilled in me as a Jew.
This Shabbat is like no other. 
Yet, like our ancestors before us, we will overcome this tragedy and thrive. 
I wish you all a Shabbat of Shalom, peace. 
Please take care of yourselves and each other!

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