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HOW helps future leaders develop themselves through various internship opportunities:

Engagement Internship : This year-long paid internship involves building community and relationships with Jewish and non-Jewish students looking for a Judaic connection on campus, and leveraging understanding of their peers’ interests to create new and transformative experiences on campus.

Social Media Internship: This year-long paid internship allows students to build their social media management, website design, and digital design skills. Students will take on the responsibility to manage HOW's online image throughout many platforms during the uprise of a digital era.

Serve the Moment Internship: 

Hillels of Westchester was lucky to host 2 Serve the Moment Hillel Interns during the Spring 2021 semester. Our interns engaged in a 10 week learning experience, discussing the intersections of social justice and Judaism, digging through the true meaning of Tikkun Olam, and building professional leadership skills. The interns worked to make connections with the community and focused on bringing Tzedek programming to their peers. Each intern went out of their way to attend 5 brain building and eye opening events pertaining to many of the important issues of our time. They attended virtual conversations about racism, climate change, and other injustices. They, with their own areas of specific focus, created 5 events for the virtual Hillel community. They brought in experts and created opportunities that students would have otherwise never had access to. The focus they put on mental health and mass incarceration opened important dialogues and challenged our community to be better and do better. We look forward to our students continually engaging in social justice learning and taking initiative like this. 

Jewish Learning Fellowship Internship:

The Jewish Learning Fellowship (JLF) internship offers one student per year the opportunity to serve as a connection between Torah and today. Throughout their term, the JLF intern recruits students to become a part of the community, connects with them in one-on-one settings, and assists in the facilitation of icebreakers and text study. 

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