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Executive Director

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Alma mater(s): University of Pennsylvania, '03 (MSW), University of Delaware, '01 (BA Sociology, Concentration in Social Welfare)


Favorite Shabbat Activity: the moments of silence after lighting the candles.

Superpower: creating space for others.


Contact Rachel about: travel guidance for your Jewish journey, social justice, volunteerism, universal inclusion, Israel, and leadership development.

Reach out to Rachel by emailing her at 

Rachel joined the HOW team in 2014.  Prior to her time in the Hillel family, Rachel served as a Reform synagogue director in New Jersey, youth group advisor, and teacher.  She began her social work career in 2003 as a direct-practice social worker in mental health and substance abuse.  Her journey from clinical social work to Hillel professional brought her to serve as an Assistant Child Advocate with the State of New Jersey for nearly a decade, where she focused on anti-bullying efforts, childhood lead poisoning, legislative oversight and individual advocacy.  She is an award winning hobby winemaker and currently lives in Stamford, Connecticut with her husband, Brian, rescue dog, Betty Lucille White T. Dog Stapleton, and (master of the house and Manhattanville alumni) cat, Ollie.  


Lily Jasper - Zaccardo

Jewish Educator

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Alma mater: Muhlenberg College '15 (BA Political Science), Fordham University ’17 (MST)

Favorite Shabbat Activity: Unplugging to live in the moment

Superpower: Appreciating the little things

Contact Lily about: How to incorporate Judaism into your everyday life, baking reading, and her dog, Gerrard.

Reach out to Lily by emailing her at

Lily joined HOW in the summer of 2022. Prior to her time, she was a high school social studies teacher. She plans on helping college students discover who they are and how they can incorporate Judaism in their everyday lives. In her free time, Lily loves to bake, read novels, and spoil her adorable French Bulldog, Gerrard. 

You can follow Gerrard on Instagram @Gerrard.the.frenchie !


Madison Leifer

Social Justice Springboard Fellow

Plants on the Window



Celebrating her 10 year anniversary with HOW in 2019, Linda is the longest serving staff member.  She is the proud Jewish mom of Ben and Sam, alumni of SUNY Binghamton University.

Get in Touch

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Alma mater: Brandeis University '22 (BA Public Health, Education Studies, and Psychology)

Favorite Shabbat Activity: Puzzles


Superpower: Turning passion into action

Contact Madison about: Why your voice matters and how to effectively put it to use, fat liberation, menstrual justice, anything social justice related, medical dramas, to swap recipes.

Reach out to Madison by emailing her at

Madison joined HOW in the summer of 2022 after finishing her undergraduate career at Brandeis University, where she triple majored in public health, education studies, and psychology. During her time at Brandeis, Madison was heavily involved with Period Activists at 'Deis (PAD), the university's menstrual equity club, serving as a founding member and moving through the board positions of secretary, service chair, and president. She is also extremely invested in fat liberation and dismantling the systemic discrimination effecting fat people.

Madison focuses on approaching social justice work with an intersectional lens, focus on privilege, and encourages others to recognize how to use their positionally to promote causes their care about. In her free time, she can be found with friends, cooking, and catching up on medical dramas.

You can follow her work with HOW on Instagram @maddi_in_westchester!

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