Reoccurring Weekly Programs & More


The Jewish Learning Fellowship is a 10-session class offered in collaboration with Hillel International’s Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Experiences. A small group of select students meets weekly throughout the semester to discuss pressing life concerns through the study of Jewish texts. Applications open at the beginning of each semester, reach out to for more information.


Cafe Beyachad (Coffee Together in Hebrew) is a social Israel program facilitated by Gal once a week. The program highlights and celebrates Israeli culture, talks about the differences in Israeli and American mentality and Jewish traditions, and explores cultural current events. Participants are encouraged to join at any time and have a fun group discussion. The programs will feature videos, images, articles, short clips of movies or tv shows, and more.


Ivrit 101 (Hebrew 101) is a Hebrew learning program for beginner and intermediate levels taught by Gal twice a week. Throughout the program, participants will improve on their reading, writing, comprehension skills and vocabulary through the use of a variety of interactive activities. Participants are encouraged to join at any time and participate together to make a fun and engaging learning environment.


Pen Pals is a recurring program facilitated by Hannah that offers students the opportunity to connect with various people in different isolated parts of our society. This opportunity allowed students to connect from wherever the pandemic has relocated them to. 


Hang with Hillel is a weekly opportunity for students and staff to join together on zoom to have fun, relax, or take a break from the minute by minute pressures of life and being a student. During this hour students and staff play games, take quizzes, watch meaningful content, draw, stretch, and much more. This program is facilitated by all program staff. .


Process the Olam (Process the World) is a wellness focused program facilitated by Marisa and Gal once a week. Each session explores a different emotional or mental difficult type of experience that students might be experiencing and further encourages them to share feelings and experiences about the topic with the group as well as helps equip them with skills to get through future experiences of a sort. Sessions focus on communications, stress & anxiety, time management, loneliness, and many more topics that compass everyday struggles.


Advocacy on Paper is a weekly program that anchors students in this big fast paced world by giving them a space to digest systemic and emerging injustices. Each session also offers opportunity for action, reinforcing that no action in the direction of justice is too small. This program is facilitated by Hannah. 


On the fourth Friday of every month, Hillels of Westchester staff, students, and alumni meet virtually to bring in Shabbat in a brief, pluralistic synagogue-style service. All are welcome to attend. For more information, reach out to


On the second Friday of every month, the Hillels of Westchester community gathers to observe Shabbat in new and exciting ways such as mindfulness practices and art. All are welcome to attend. For more information, reach out to

(914) 251-6498

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