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Ongoing Programs

Jewish Learning Fellowship

The Jewish Learning Fellowship is a continuing learning opportunity where students explore Judaism as it relates to their lives. The sessions explore friendship, vulnerability, collaboration, and much more as students grow their Jewish connections to peers and the larger Jewish community.

Lunch & Learn

Lunch and Learn is a weekly learning session at Purchase College where students come together for Jewish content and a bagel lunch. Sessions have explored topics ranging from Israel to Jewish Holidays to Jewish characters in their favorite movies and TV shows.


Hillels of Westchester offer Shabbat services and meals throughout the semester, often incorporating themes that excite our students. Our Shabbats bring the Jewish student community together, often welcoming students from different schools into the same space and bringing our students together for a moment of unity.

Sandwich Making

Monthly sandwich making at Sarah Lawrence College is open to all students. Students have the opportunity to make sandwiches for local shelters serving the houseless population while learning about food insecurity in Westchester County.

Hebrew School Sex Ed

Hebrew School Sex Education is a continuing learning opportunity where Judaism and adult life intersect. Students learn about the Torah's discussions on companionship and sexuality, while also receiving a medically accurate sex education experience.

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