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Advocacy on Paper - Postcards to Swing States 

Hillels of Westchester wrote 300 postcards to get out the vote in South Carolina! Students who opted in to volunteer received a civic mitzvah package, stuffed with the needed materials and some fun goodies. Students were able to write out the postcards at their own pace, or join us on Zoom to write together and enjoy one another’s company! 


Elul Lunch N' Learn

The Elul Lunch N' Learn 3-part series was led by Marisa Fernandez and focused on preparing the heart on free will and forgiveness, in preparation for the new year and Yom Kippur. The students dove into excerpts from Jewish texts and explored what the those values mean for them today.

Apples to Apples

In celebration for the upcoming Jewish new year, students and staff engaged in a fun & virtual Apples to Apples game. The results were witty, silly, and sometimes sarcastic. The winner of the game was the student Gavriel Saltzman.

International Day of Peace 

To mark the 2020 International Day of Peace, we explored the idea of peace on multiple levels. Utilizing the socio ecological model we discussed peace in America. We focused on the current movements in America, watching part of ‘13th’ by Ava DuVernay, diving into what racial justice and the lasting peace of a successful movement could mean for the future of America.


National Voter Registration Day 

On National Voter Registration Day we invited students to drop by our open Zoom Room to ask questions, hang out, and get excited to vote. This year we are engaged in the Hillel wide campaign to get out the vote called Mitzvote! We loved having students express excitement about being involved in the civic process!


National Coffee Day

We celebrated National Coffee Day with a marathon of virtual coffee dates! We invited students to drop into our Zoom Coffee Shop and stay awhile to chit chat and meet new people. We loved seeing their faces and were happy to be able to adapt the Hillel staple of the Coffee date to this virtual world!



Pillow Fort Contest & Sukkot Learning 

We challenged students to a pillow fort building contest! We learned about the holiday of Sukkot, what makes a kosher Sukkah, and how building a pillow fort can relate to it while hanging out in prime coziness.

Innovative Shabbat 

On Friday, October 9, students gathered around their screens armed with pen and paper to create something sacred out of the mundane as they mentally prepared to enter Shabbat. In the lingering spirits of Sukkot, they were given time to draw anything that comes to mind after reading poems and excerpts related to Sukkot.


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